Velika Hoča

Yashmak or sirmal take the most prominent place within female urban clothes in the region of Kosovo and Metohija, where the overall picture of population regarding clothing is formed under very strong oriental influence. Decorated with bands at the end of the legs or golden embroidery, sirmal used to be tied with drawstring. Sophistication of making and the quality of the fabric drawstrings were made of, matched the choice of materials for other gowns, especially yashmaks. With everyday yashmak, mostly made of "basma" (printed cloth) and holiday yashmak, made of "yum basma", cotton drawsgtrings were worn, decorated with more modest embroidery. Yashmak for special occasions was sewn form various kinds of silk, even velvet, while the drawstrings they were tied with, were also silky and richly decorated with golden thread embroidery as well as with sterling silver metal thread.

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