Tomislavgrad (Duvno)

A particularly interesting decoration in many Dinaric areas was the terkija - a part of an old woman's costume that hangs attached to the belt, on the side. It is made of a rectangular piece of rough cowhide whose lower edge is extended by two to four straps about 60 cm long. The entire surface is decorated with tin cans (applications), and sometimes with stained glass inserts. A set of women's aids is hung on the ends of the straps: a key, a razor, a machine (for taking the grill from the hearth), a spike, a knife, mirrors. In addition to decoration, these pendants also have a symbolic character because they are worn by girls when they start preparing for marriage, brides, and necessarily married women as symbols of their daily household chores. Special attention was paid to the appearance of the terkija when it was made for the bride, because that is one of the first things she received as a sign of her new status. After World War II leather terques were gradually becoming commonplace.

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