"Zaban" is a type of dress similar to "pamuklija", i.e. a type of gown filled with cotton balls and sewn in such a way that it produces relief material texture it was made from. Many craftsmen used to make it: quilt makers, tailors, folk costume makers...because its complex making demanded special skills. It was sleeveless, knee-length, with emphasised waist and wide laps, wide open at the front. It was worn over the shirt, girdled with the apron. The fundamental ornament of this gown was heart shaped cut on the chest, with discreetly stressed ribbon and sterling silver ornaments. "Z`ban" or "z`b`n" (as it was pronounced in this area) was made of sophisticated materials single or multi-coloured velvet, velour, silk satin and cotton striped linen, called "basma". Based on materials, colour and decorations (brown, dark red, green, red), these dresses had their special names in the dialect of this area. They used to be worn even after the WW II and it was a gift from future father-in-law to his future daughter-in-law, even at the time when the folk costume was slowly abandoned and urban clothing took over its place.

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