"Zubun" is one of the mandatory garments of female clothes in broader Balcanic area of Dinaric and central Balkanic culture. Fundamentally, it is a very simple garment made of cloth, with no buttoning and sleeves, worn all the year round. It is worn over the shirt, combined with the upper short or long cloth garments, such as dress, waistcoat, blankets...Decoration of zubun required great attention, depending on the area, different techniques of decoration were used, as well as the other additional elements, such as beads, tinsels and fringes, gracefully combined and in accordance with the age of a person wearing it. Dressy zubun of girls and brides was more richly decorated than the older women`s zubun and everyday one. Since the decoration of zubun was a very slow and hard work and since it was not easy to decorate rough, inflexible base with matching colours and precision of drawing, girls had to prove their skill of handiwork and readiness for marriage by making one such piece of clothing. A girl who was not able to finish it in three winter`s time was ridiculed and could not get married!

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