In the region of Gornja Pčinja women adorn themselves a lot, not just on holidays and special occasions, but every day. Their jewellry is commonly made of purchased, small glass grains in many colours. Women make that jewellry themselves, especially girls, by stringing grains on a thread. There is no woman who would not wear such jewellry, except women who are in mourning and who do not wear jewellry for a period of one year. There are several favourite types of this jewellry: mesh, which is worn around the neck. It is a ribbon made by stringing beads of many colours on horse string in such a way that it forms various geometric ornaments. Rhombus is the main ornament on folk costumes in this area; turtledove is a triangular mesh made of glass beads, whose basic ornament is a stylish rhombus. Turtledove is worn on the shirt front in the shape of a bib.
"Belezika" is the name of a band crocheted with many glass beads in many colours previously strung on a thread, following a certain pattern. Very often there are six triangular small caps sewn on this crocheted band. Belezika is worn around the neck or is held in hands.

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