Vicinity of Belgrade

"Кonjа" (a type of wooden band) with "ubradač"( a type of scarf, tied under the chin), was the main headgear of married women in many parts of Serbia. In the vicinity of Belgrade, konja was made of wooden, more rarely metal band, covered with cloth and ubradač- a big, purchased scarf with fringes going down the back. Konja was made by women themselves and its essential part was also jewellry made of coins, various pins called "ukovica" or "trepetljika". Konja with a bib, ornamented with embroidered thread of sterling silver, beads or silver coins was tied under the chin. In Belgrade Posavina, the bride had a maiden hairdo and three days after the wedding she would get konja and a string. These were meant only for the bride and included every piece of jewellry she had on her head: bibs, cloths and hairpins, all their parts ornamented with silver coins.

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