Socks and peasant shoes most clearly charascterise footwear in our folk costumes. Socks can be knitted in two ways, from the toes to the top and the other way round, using either two or five needles. Depending on their purpose, there are socks for every day and dressy socks. The socks are decorated in three ways: 1. sewing of the pattern already done on fabric or some other material, 2. embroidery (wool, thread, beads, tinsel, sterling silver...) on already knitted sock. 3. colouring with multi-coloured weave or wool during the process of knitting, which is one of the most difficult ways of decoration we can find in all areas where knitted socks are used. Differences are only in motives and colour of the material in use. The sock is a part of folk costume that had great significance in peasent women`s life. In many folk costumes it was the most decorated piece of the whole costume. For sock-knitting one did not need a special working place or space, nor big tools. Peasant women knitted on the way from home to the field, garden, while they took care of the cattle, during the rest or at sit-downs...socks were knitted quickly. Skilfull knitters were able to make a pair in a few days`time and for all these reasons, socks were most numerous among gifts given to brides. When girls were about to be married, they were supposed to present their future husbands and their in-laws with many pairs of socks.

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