"Futarka" is the most interesting piece of folk costumes of this area. In older female folk costumes of this area, they were very long, almost touching the ground. There are many versions of them, all of them having their own names. One of them called " white vulka" was much more different from the others because it was tailored from a special type of linen made of white cotton. They were just under the knee-length and they used to be worn over a cotton or silk shirt whose lace could be seen under it, as if it were its continuation. The white vulka was also decorated with nine or eleven rows of ornamental ribbon of many colours with the addition of sterling silver. Poorer girls used to decorate vulka with the band because sterling silver and ornamental ribbon were very expensive after the WWII, so they used to sew linen ribbons with the motives of intricate needlework, leaves and flowers. Vulka is a very wide type of futarka, so they look like a nicely pleated skirt.

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