In southern Serbian regions we can find a special kind of necklace made of glass beads, called "đerdan". This piece of jewellry is worn both by men and women and it is made of multi-coloured beads strung in the shape of a round band. Firstly, beads are strung on a thread and then by doing spiral crocheting of each pearl we get a band in geometric pattern. What pattern appears, depends exclusively on the arrangement of previously strung beads. Male necklaces can have a stylish floral ornamental ring on one end which is also a space where a small watch is placed, while the rest of the band is decorated with diamond or zig-zag lines of different colour and thickness, but always gracefully matched with the rest of the suit. The band has small holes on it, depending on increase of the number of beads in the process of crocheting. Most often, the band is crocheted with 8 beads and with gradual increase to 24 beads and turning back to 8, the small holes appear. Apart from these, we can also find pendants on both male and female necklaces done in the same technique. They can be in the shape of triangle, bell, circle and three fingers shape.

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