Kriva Palanka

A shirt is a basic gown of Serbian folk costume, both male and female. It is made of flax, hemp or cotton linen, directly on the body as a basic gown of the winter as well as summer costume. Female shirts can be found in many versions in different areas, depending on cuts, sizes and ornaments. They were straight tailored, with inserted wedges, cut at the waist, wide or narrow, ankle or knee-length, with reach embriodery, without it and depending on all this, people gave them different names. Whatever cut and name they had, these shirts had one thing in common: peasant women who made them, put her whole being and thoughts in them, paying special attention and emotion to the shirts made for the wedding. Satisfaction and calmness that handicraft could bring, if it was done with love and the possibility to express one`s need for creation within traditional culture, made these gowns one of the most sophisticated and most graceful pieces of folk costumes of a certain region.

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