Istok, Metohijski podgor

Shirts were made of hemp, flax and cotton linen. They consist of stan, front and back part with a chest slit and a collar on it, one or two insertions on each side that join and expand stan (newer shirts have double insertions) and long, wide sleeves, wedged for stan at the shoulders. They usually reach the calves, but in some places they are even longer. Along the joints and laps they are embroidered with multi-coloured woolen thread, white sterling silver thread, tinsels and beads. Lap ornaments are called provozi. Sleeves are decorated with embroidered ornaments and cotton pompons with beads on the top. Depending on the ornamentation, the shirts have different names: three patterns, rogonja, zmijanka, zlatnica, skulanka, also, there is a special shirt which is the most decorated one with numerous tinsels, so it is used as a wedding dress (jurjevayka). Many dresses are decorated around the neck and chest with pompons of white and red cotton, with tinsels and beads, or a type of lace called krme.

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