Ibarski Kolašin

Brides in Ibarski Kolašin wear a plume on their heads until they have visited their cousins, which lasts for about five weeks. A plume cap is a very archaic and special female headgear in whose formation and content perceptions and beliefs form the long gone epochs of cultural history are kept. These various contents and meanings reflect in its complex role. Firstly, there is its ritual magic function in the sense of protection of the bride from evil looks and jinxes, as well as ensuring the progress in the new marital union, marking of this special period of a woman as a bride and thus her status in that social community, and finally, decorative role in the sense of adorning and ornamentation of a person who is wearing it. It is richly decorated with glass beads in many colours, arranged in a net falling to the eyes of the bride, then with small coins, buttons and mirrors, thick horse hairs, bells...With all abovementioned decorations, the plume covered a good portion of the bride`s face and along with it, a thin transparent scarf which covered the bride`s face. The plume represents a type of caps that reflect a primitive idea of fertility and they have a broad area of propagation.

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