Golubic, Knin region

А dress is a distinctively winter piece of clothing made of fabric. It is always long and wide-sleeved, calf or ankle-long, depending on the area of living. It is cut from one larger piece of fabric, measured for two necessary lengths. Fabric is folded in half, neck opening is cut on the very fold and along the middle, down the chest. From the neck opening to right below the chest, there are metal buckles that button the dress. On the make of the back and front pieces were extensions, giving the necessary width to the lower part of the dress. Girls wore byelacha - a dress made of white fabric, while married and older women wore modrina- a dress made of dark blue fabric. In the area of Knin, modrina was decorated with applications of red and green ribbons, arranged on the front, at the bottom of the sleeves and lower border of the dress. Only lower border of the back piece was decorated with a special decoration, an embroidered material. Before aniline colours appeared, dark blue colour of fabric was attained by immersing the fabric in indigo dye and with the help of "sirina"- the water leftovers after washing the wool. This type of dress was worn over the shirt and in the winter, on special occasions, zubun was worn over all that.

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