In the area of Kosovo, front, flat, rectangular apron is called "bošča". It is an integral part of both everyday and festive clothes, even a bridal costume. It is woven in two threads, cotton foundation and most often woolen weft. Ornaments are made by inserting silk thread, wool, sterling silver, tinsels and beads (especially for the bridal bošča). From three sides, it is sewn with a type of lace called "ojama". During the festivities, bošča was given to the dearest people and this kind of gift is kept as a special relic in these areas. Mother-in-law presents her daughter-in-law with it, i.e. she puts it on around her, because she made it for that special occasion. This ritual is performed before she steps over the groom`s doorstep and it is an expression of acceptance and great love for this new family member.

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