"Gendar" is a type of apron, going from the neck to below the knees, made of rectangular piece of domestic linen on which sets of coins were sewn, covering the whole surface. This type of jewellry belongs to a group of acoustic jewellry, because the coins rattled with every move and "the hills rattled from the sound of girls` gendars". Considering the role of the sound in chasing away the demons, it is most likely that this jewellry also had a protective role, especially for the brides. Besides this, it symbolised health and strength of the girls, because with the rest of the jewellry, girls had to wear at least 20-30 kg for a few hours. Basically, the purpose of the neck and chest jewellry, where sets of money dominated, was an expression of how rich the girl was, which was one of the basic criteria when the spouse was supposed to be chosen. Gendar lost its visual and acoustic effect after the WWII, when it started to be made of banknotes and thus, it lost its function as jewellry.

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