Donji Vakuf

Serbian traditional shoes made of leather
There were many folk names for these shoes, depending on the area they come from. They were made of pig, calf, cow, lamb and buffalo skin, very often without removal of the fur. This shoe is actually a piece of skin, tailored according to the shape and a size of a foot, on whose borders are openings through which riggings are pulled through, or platings, which creased the skin. Rigging is made of thin cut skin or of thicker cotton thread, while the platings were made of spun goat hair, wool or hemp. Some shoes differ depending on the shape of the top- shrunken, joined or sewn togetheer. These shoes were affordable, cheap, comfortable and easy for walking even in mountainous terrains, but also damp proof, unhealthy, short-lasting and uneconomical. They were of the same shape for both sexes and for all age groups.

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