Although the whole Montenegrian festive folk costume was of craftsmen making, white shirts made of thin silk linen, decorated with fine embroidery pattern along the chest opening and around the neck, was a product of household industry. Characteristic Montenegrian embroidery (oshvica), which makes a line of female white shirt noble, was not done directly on the shirt linen, but on separate pieces of linen, subsequently sewn on it. They could be taken off the shirt, usually before washing it or if they were put on some other shirt. Intricately embroidered motive is either of geometric or floral character, done in semi-crosses or crosses. The colours of silk threads were carefully chosen and matched with sterling silver and golden string and all that caused that this piece of linen became the constant attribute of Montenegrian female dressy shirt. Golden oshvica decorated bridal shirts, made of thin silk linen pervaded with sterling silver and served as such as a most welcome gift and present.

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